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Howto Marketing

Marketing is a greatly misunderstood area of business, with most people thinking that it involves devising creative advertising campaigns and long, long lunch breaks. If only!

At Howto Marketing, we aim to provide business owners with the resources they need to understand their marketing needs, and either to empower them to undertake it themselves, or to allow them to employ professional marketers, and engage with them on the issues of the company.

There are a number of pocket books that have been produced for this purpose, covering such areas as the principles of marketing, product marketing, pricing, distribution, new product development, digital marketing, and lots more. Please check out the 'Books' section of this site.

We hope that Howto Marketing will prove to be a useful resource to help you build and grow your business. Our team of professional marketers are also available for questions, and we can introduce you to a number of leading marketing consultancies if you need additional support.