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The Howto Marketing Company

The Howto Marketing company is part of a range of the Howto business brands, part of the TP Marketing Group, set up by marketing expert - Thom Poole. The brand was born after many people asked Thom 'how to do...', leading to the range of pocket books to help students and entrepreneurs.

Thom is now supported by a group of subject experts to ensure that the information is up-to-date and easy to follow. The guides are full of practical advise and indications of where the readers can find out more information.

We do not, however, stop there. We are also happy to direct you to other marketing books that will help you comprehend and implement the best quality marketing possible. All these links take you through to Amazon (UK) to review and purchase the relevant books.

In addition to the books, we have website links that should/could be of use to students of marketing and entrepreneurs. We also link to, and publish a range of articles that you should also find useful.

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